HRM - Strategic People Management
The course is adapted to international HR standards.

IAPBE certification
Uniqueness of the course:
- The innovative course format is similar to international executive training courses
- Strategic management and strategizing
- Financial management and labor economics
- Business coaching (organizational)
- Project management
- Design thinking
- Facilitation
- Business - coaching
- Digital tools
- Access to unique content of international providers on strategic personnel management training
- Practicality and experience of specialists - 100%.
Methodology of the educational landscape
  • 1. Stage: Studying the Instructions / "Study Guidance"
    o Study Plan
    o Study Time Calculator
  • 2. Stage: Learning / My Learning
    o Learning modules
    o Independent study of additional material from the "Resources" block
    o Practical classes on solving cases for each module
    o Networking in the general chat Connect & Communicate
  • 3. Stage: Testing and Evaluation of the level of KSP of the module / for each module

  • 4. Internal certification
    5. External certification IAPBE DipHRA (optional)
Welcoming speech by Malcolm Trotter, Honorary President of IAPBE
  • Module 1. Introduction to HR (5 lessons)
    1. Fundamentals of HRM. The evolution of the development of HR functions. Classical models of personnel management.
    2. Architecture of the HR profession. HR competencies. Digital Skills HR. Introduction to online platforms.
    3. Business process approach in management.
    4. Coaching in personnel management. Basic solution tools.
    5. Coaching in personnel management. DISC. Coaching tools. Coach's competence from directiveness to partnership.
  • Module 2. Recruiting (6 lessons)
    6. Formation of the need for personnel. Job profile. Monitoring and analysis of the labor market.
    7. Employer brand in recruiting. Sales funnels in recruiting. Benchmarketing for a recruiter.
    8. Search and selection of personnel. Working with search channels. Digital recruiting / Digital recruiting.
    9. Conducting an interview.
    10. Assessment of competencies during selection. How to match A - players.
    11. Adaptation. Internship. Test-term. Three pillars of personnel adaptation. Mentoring Institute. Creation of a workplace. Onboarding.
  • Module 3. Organizational Politics (4 lessons)
    12. Organizational policy of the company. Organizational design. Organization maturity model.
    13. Organizational structures and their construction. Regulatory Compliance.
    14. Labor rationing.
    15. Analysis of staff performance. Automation in HR.
  • Module 4. Motivation and reward (10 lessons)
    16. HR business coach of the company. New roles and functions. HR decision skills.
    17. Creating a motivating environment. Task setting and feedback techniques.
    18. Staff motivation. Non-material forms and methods of staff motivation.
    19. Creation and use of systems of non-material motivation. Self-motivation.
    20. HR - analytics. Economic Forecasts
    21. Material motivation. Reward. Salary. How to choose a form of remuneration | Grading.
    22. Bonuses. Prizes and Benefits. Social package. payroll fund.
    23. Outsourcing. Outstaffing. Personnel leasing. Optimization of personnel costs of the wage fund.
    24. Budgeting in personnel management.
    25. Financial management for HR.
  • Module 5. Goal Management and Personnel Assessment (6 lessons)
    26. Goal management. Tools for setting goals and objectives. Calendar planning. Task - managers.
    27. System of balanced characteristics. Performance management.
    28. KRI. Development, implementation and analysis of results.
    29. Personnel evaluation. Forms and methods of evaluation.
    30. Conducting personnel assessment. Personal meeting policy.
    31. Research in the company. Satisfaction. Loyalty. attraction. eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) of an employee.
  • Module 6. Development of personnel based on competencies (7 lessons)
    32. Competencies. Development of competencies. Competence model.
    33. Evaluation of the qualitative characteristics of the development of employees. Development of skills and competencies.
    34. Personnel development system.
    35. Building a corporate institution. The role of HR service and manager in the professional development of an employee. External and internal training and development of personnel.
    36. Talent management. Personnel reserve. Individual development plans.
    37. Facilitation in HR. Tools for working with groups. Working meetings and participatory space. Design thinking. How to use innovations in the development of the company and personnel.
    38. HR as an internal coach. Fundamentals of coaching. Distance learning.
  • Module 7. Organization development (5 lessons)
    39. The life cycle of the organization. Organization types. DEI. Corporate social responsibility.
    40.HR Brand. How to build and maintain? Corporate culture. Happy company.
    41. Conflictology in the work of HR.
    42. Building effective teams.
    43. Models of communications in the company. Construction of communication channels. The choice of models for the company.
  • Module 8. Strategic Management for HR (3 lessons)
    44. Strategic management. Basics. Mission. Values. Vision. Models of strategic analysis
    45. Strategic management tools for transformation for an HR manager. Management of risks.
    46. Building a staff development strategy.
  • Module 9. HR is an agent of change (4 lessons)
    47. The strategic role of the HR manager. HR - Business Partner. Role in the company. Model D. Ulrich. Osterwald business model. Canva.
    48. Managing change.
    49. Fundamentals of project management
    50. Transformation of organizational culture.
  • Final lesson: Plan for self-development of HR as a business partner. Increase in market value.

    Seminar "HR records management" / 6 hours

    Certification (internal)
Natalia Dzyuba
Speaker of the program
• Business consultant for business development and personnel training systems.
• Founder of the HRM Business Academy "HRM - Business Partner" and the Business Trainer School.
• Accredited course "Coaching - management" and business coaching training programs at ECF.
• Facilitator.
• Trainer of the international team of the European Coaching Federation on the transformation of strategic and operational business management.
• ISO 20700-2017 business consultant
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