Accreditation of the provider organisation to IAPBE
Obtaining an honorary international accreditation for your organisation, training centre, school from the Alliance of Professional Business Elites IAPBE, UK
Mission of the IAPBE:
To help each specialist to maximize their potential at the international professional level!
The history associated with the British Educational International Alliance for Professional Business Elite (IAPBE) dates back to the period of modern online technology in learning and development. Innovative technological solutions, particularly e-Learning, have been and continue to be a multi-faceted force to bring together and realise the talents, skills and professional expertise of the learning professionals, without reference to geography, religion, physical ability or other factors.
Welcoming speech by Malcolm Trotter, Honorary President of IAPBE
IAPBE for Professionals (Trainees)
IAPBE for Partner Organizations
Benefits and Profits of an Accrediting an Organization with the IAPBE
Benefits for IAPBE Provider Organizations
An accredited provider organisation's entrance to the level of promotion of qualification programmes that meet international quality standards of education from renowned global education brands.
Information about the provider organization is posted on the official website of the IAPBE, which contributes to the wide recognition of such an organization and the influx of new customers.
The possibility of providing students (customers) of the provider organization to undergo professional training and pass a qualifying online exam for the subsequent receipt of a British diploma of international standard.
Attracting high-quality and solvent target audience, as well as corporate clients.
Expansion of the range and directions of services provided by the provider organization towards the promotion of international skills development programs.
Obtaining a document from an official representative of the IAPBE, which gives the right to promote the programs of the Alliance on his behalf.
The Centre's accreditation procedure is free of charge!
Recognition of the provider organization due to the awareness of the IAPBE brand.
Possible participation of graduates, clients of the provider organization in the annual award "Honorary IAPBE Resident" at the final meeting in London in a series of nominations.
Possible participation of the provider organization in the annual Leader of the Year award at the final meeting in London in the following nominations:
~ Nomination for the largest number of students trained in IAPBE programs
~ Nomination for the largest number of students who passed the exam and received IAPBE diplomas.
~ Nomination for activity and territorial coverage in promotion of IAPBE programs. (The maximum number of countries from which students have received IAPBE Diplomas in a particular center).
~ Nomination for the completeness of the usage and promotion of the IAPBE line of programs (variety of qualifications in the total volume of diplomas issued).
Financial benefits of promoting IAPBE programs
Reasonable receipt of a higher level of income from scaling up the provider organization. The approximate average cost of a single-module program from the IAPBE range is £300.
Opportunity to generate income from IAPBE exam fees (£120 to £160) per person.
The marginal profit per student taking who has completed the IAPBE exam will be approximately £180.
The IAPBE range of programmes
The IAPBE range of programs offers qualifications at various levels that are relevant and in demand in today's global business environment, depending on the needs and objectives of the individual or the company. Regular updating and replenishment of the line with new qualifications makes the IAPBE brand the most flexible and responsive to the needs of the global economy. A distinctive feature of the training structure of most IAPBE programs is the currently effective mix of practical (60%) and theoretical (40%).
The recent awarding and celebration of the international qualification Advanced Financial Reporting (IFRS) to specialists of Uzbekistan who have completed the training and successfully passed the online exam at one of the accredited centers of The Institute Of Qualified Personnel (IQP), provider of IAPBE.

Geography of students and teachers of IAPBE
Apply for center accreditation
ALTERRA is an international training and development center specializes in national and international programs, online examinations, UK certifications and the development of tailor-made projects to develop professionals in accounting, finance, auditing and management.
10 years on the market of professional online education
About 18,000 students of international programs
Approximately 800,000 participants in online practical training
Approximately 7,500 international exams
Approximately 100 international teachers

Refund Guarantee
The Customer has the right to refuse to provide services after participation in the first webinar from the cycle of webinars, which provides 3 or more online sessions, and to return the full amount paid for participation in a series of webinars on selected topics if this format (online) was not accepted by him. For this purpose, within two working days after the first webinar the Customer shall send a written statement with an argumentative refusal to the e-mail

Refund terms:

1. Refunds are made only for online webinars services. Refunds other services, in particular for the recording of classes, are not available.

2. Refunds are made only for the conditions of online participation in the first webinar of the cycle of webinars, which includes 3 or more classes and if the online participation format was not accepted by the Customer.

3. To invite refunds only within two working days after the first webinar.

4. Refunds are made after deduction of payment systems commission.

5. In case of payments by VISA and MasterCard the money is returned to the same card from which the payment was made. After the Executor returns the payment, the money appears on the card within 3 banking days. Note that this payment does not appear on the card statements, but simply increases the amount on the card. This type of refund is only available for 30 days after payment.

6. If the payment was made through webmonay from some wallet, the return is made to the same wallet.

7. The money is returned with the same details that were used to pay for the services.

8. If the payment was made by an individual through the bank branch, the money can be returned in one of the following ways:

- To a debit card of any bank. In this case, the Client must provide all details for transferring money to his card, namely: the name of the payer, IBAN, the purpose of payment, the card number, the cardholder's surname, first name & patronymic.

- In any other way that is convenient for both parties.

9. Legal entities or sole proprietors must submit a refund sheet in order to get their money back. In this case the funds will be returned to the current account from which the payment for services was made.

10. The refund is to be made within 30 days after submission of the application.

11. In case of cancellation of the service on the initiative of the Executor, funds can be returned to the Client in one of the above mentioned ways, and the Executor has the right to offer the Client to replace the cancelled service with a similar one.

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